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VanCity Rav0rs

event listings for vancouver raves

Vancity Rav0rs
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
this is a community for VanCity Rav0rs

if you wish to be a member of this community, you must follow the following rules:

* this community is only for event listing and event reviews
* members needing rides to events are able to post as well
* your entries will be moderated
* please keep events to bc and seattle
* please keep events to an electronica music nature
* events can be raves, all-night dance parties, or clubs

most importantly:

please do not overpromote your event!

* the first posting of an event may be followed by new updates kept one month apart
* any other updates must be done in the comment section
* you are able to add an additional post one month before the event as well as one week before the event

if you choose not to follow these rules, then your posting privledges may be revoked.

happy posting! :)